Teaching Resources for Parents to use in Enriching the Lives of Their Children

Saintly Lives
The saints of the Orthodox Faith are ancient and modern, and their narratives are true sources of encouragement to all. Our saints are revered not for being perfect but for striving toward perfection: pursuing an authentic and full relationship with God. The brief entries offered here every few months highlight just some of these “saintly lives,” hopefully opening a window of heavenly inspiration for our youth. At the close of each entry, there is a final thought entitled “Getting Practical,” which offers parents, grandparents and other caregivers a suggestion or two for bringing each saintly life “to life” in your home.


“For indeed a house is a little church.” 
--Saint John Chrysostom, Homily 20   

We hope this page provides some inspiration and ideas to help guide our families closer and closer to our Lord—specifically, in bringing the life of the Church into our homes, just as Saint John suggested. To this end, activities, reflections or other ideas will be offered by Fr. Alex, a youth leader or other member of our parish family here on a seasonal level. Hopefully, these submissions will give parents, grandparents and other caregivers something spiritually enriching to do with our youth, whether we have 5 minutes or a few hours to spare. The offerings will include such topics as embracing coming Church feasts and appreciating a given time of the year.

Enjoy! And please contact Fr. Alex to offer your own submission for a coming month.