Sunday, September 8, 12-4pm

Who Are We?
350 Million Orthodox Christian Members Worldwide

Everyone loves the food, olive oil, Greek yogurt, dancing…but do you wonder why Orthodox Easter is on a different Sunday or what exactly is an Orthodox Christian?

Join us for Fun, Fellowship, Festivities, & Food
• Free Greek Food
• Church Tours
• Community Spirit
• Philanthropy
• Children’s activities

All are Welcome; Bring a Friend!


Children's sermon with Fr. Ted

Fr. Ted will be offering a "Children's Sermon", 1st Sunday of each month.  Please join us as the young and "young at heart" learn about our faith through stories and explanations by Fr. Ted.  All of us will take away with something from the talk!












Our Faith

The Sacraments
One of the best-known prayers of the Orthodox Church speaks of the spirit of God being "present in all places and filling all things." This profound affirmation is basic to Orthodoxy's understanding of God and His relationship to the world. Learn more»